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Romeo Halter
Susan & Romeo

The Haughty Horse Tack Shop
Customer Testimonials

Trouble's a Dancin' Purple Leo Halter

Penny and Trouble's A Dancin'
This is my new flea-bitten Appendix Quarter Horse Gelding, Trouble's A Dancin'.
I am very proud to show him off in his new Purple Leopard, Haughty Horse Halter.
To see a larger picture of Trouble's A Dancin', go to Leopard Purple Horse Halter.
No Name Zebra Halter
Charlotte and No Name

I got my boy a zebra halter & lead

at the Midwest Horse Fair & Love it!
Queenie Diva Eyes Fly Mask
Tricia and You Remember Me
You Remember Me wearing her new Diva Eyes fly mask.  We call her Queenie.
Pebbles Fly Mask
Pebbles Dehmer, modeling her Haughty Horse Fly Mask - Take one
Peabody neon green halter
Hannah and Peabody

With the neon green halter on, I love it sooooo much!  It's the only neon green one I could find anywhere and I love it!  I never would have known that neon green would look so amazing on my new horse, Peabody!
Romeo Susan and Romeo

The horse in the picture is a hero who saved his other 8 herd members. I saw this horse on a rescue site AC4H, he and his herd had been badly neglected and abused and were awaiting slaughter at New Holland auction. I knew I had to help him, those sad blue eyes just touched my heart, but how could I only take him? So I took all 9! Babies and young horses who have never known any human kindness, we could not even touch them, they all had lice strangles and were bone counting thin. Two passed away within days of arriving, and one had a healthy baby a month later. They are all now so spoiled and really sweet horses learning to trust, and I thought I would share his pic with the gorgeous blue halter that I knew was made for him as it makes those blue eyes that are finally happy,  pop!

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garment bag Terri
This is my first visit to your website, but I love it. I received a gift from your store and indeed it was elegantly wrapped and inside I found the beautiful tapestry garment bag. I love it and it will go to a Horse Trial this weekend!  Thank you.

Ladybug Ruth and Thunder

Here’s the halter that I got from you as a gift for my friend Ruth with her new Paint, Thunder. He’s two and a big boy! She loved it! Here’s what she sent me! It just proved that even boys can wear flowers.

Ladybug Heidi and Ladybug
I don’t need another halter for Ladybug…but this one was too pretty to pass up. It’s so bright and cheerful, and it will look good on any horse! I purchased one for a friend for her new bay Quarter Horse along with a matching lead rope. I can’t wait to give it to her!


Heidi and Ladybug

I met Maggie Mell of The Haughty Horse at the Minnesota Horse Expo. I was drawn to her booth because of all of the trendy and colorful products. She and I began talking and she asked me what my horse’s name was. I told her “Ladybug” and she pulled out this Lovebug Fly Mask featuring bright ladybugs and Swarovski rhinestones. I was hooked! The heavy duty Velcro is great because not even my mini donkey can pull it off of her and if it ever did come off, the bright colors would make it easy to find in the pasture.

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Carol and Taffy


I just wanted to let you know that I received the two halters (the third one will be shipped shortly) and I absolutely love them. My horse, once again, will be the hit of the barn. Thank you so much. I also appreciate your prompt service.

Thank you again. 

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Heidi and Ladybug
I’ve used leopard pattern on my mare Ladybug before, but I never found a leopard pattern halter that looked this nice, plus was good quality. I decided on a traditional leopard color to enhance Ladybug’s rich gold color, but was pleased to see that The Haughty Horse offers additional colors in leopard. And a matching lead rope! I know that Ladybug will turn heads whenever she wears it.

Heidi and Sirocco
The moment I saw this halter, I knew that it would look stunning on my Arabian gelding, Sirocco. In fact, on a recent trail ride, the moment I unloaded him; a friend gravitated towards Sirocco and simply said, “Now, where’d you get this halter?” In trail rides since that one, I get the same reaction. People always notice it right away! I adore the combination of brown and blue, and love the paisleys! The quality is excellent and I know I that Sirocco and I will enjoy this halter for years.

Heidi and DeSoto
I’m so pleased that The Haughty Horse offers such unique items! Maggie was able to order this halter for me and find the perfect matching lead rope for my standard donkey, Desoto. This halter has a classic design in the hottest colors! I love the blue and brown combination and it looks great on Desoto’s chocolate coat. The best part is that this halter is tough and will withstand all that my donkey can muster. I can have it all, style, function and fit!

Pam - I love shopping at The Haughty Horse for equestrian gifts!
You don't have to own a horse to shop at The Haughty Horse. Even though I'm the only one who owns a horse in my family, I'm able to do nearly all of my birthday and holiday shopping at The Haughty Horse.There is a great selection of horse themed gifts for horse lovers of any age. The gift wrapping is beautiful and the shipping is fast!

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