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Pegasus Air Boots Solid Black

Pegasus Air Boots - Solid Colors.  Pegagus Air Boots are the perfect support boots for every horse and every discipline. For those who are tired of all those straps, bulky products and excess heat build-up... Pegasus EquiCare created a fully breathable, high quality horse boot that "really was" easy to use. After a series of seven prototypes and extreme testing, the result was a completely revolutionary design: ONE SIZE FITS! The unique design conforms perfectly to legs, small to large and front to hind. 'Simple Sizing' means that you can be confident that the fit will be correct... and, it's possible to use the same pair of boots on different horses. BREATHABLE Pegasus AirBoots are constructed of the highest quality, closed cell neoprene available, PERFORATED for cooling breath-ability. The ventilated material allows excess heat and moisture to dissipate. Microorganisms that cause fungal diseases, thrive in warm, moist environments. Excess heat can cause break down of skin tissue, as well as discomfort. Excellent for medicinal use, offering gentle protection while healing takes place under a veterinarian's guidance. SERIOUS SUPPORT The fully adjustable wrap extends 10 mm of protection from the delicate splint area to the exterior of the leg in a unique, conforming overlap. Upward support is provided to the fetlock area by an extra wide strap in a traditional bandage style... No slippage occurs when wet, making PEGASUS AIR BOOTS of particular interest to 'Eventers' and 'Endurance' riders. Completely machine washable.
Price: $74.95
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