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Hi Haughty Horse Shoppers,


I hope you enjoy your time shopping for horse tack at The Haughty Horse.  What could be more fun?  As a fellow horse person, I understand what it means to spoil your horse rotten!  How many times have you passed up on an item for yourself to buy another halter for your horse?


My daughter started lessons about 5-years ago and I watched her have a blast.  She learned so much and was clearly enjoying every minute both on and off the horse.  Giggling with friends (even while mucking a stall) looked fun.  I was a bit scared of the horses she rode,  in fact my stomach would literally drop when they got too close to my chair at the edge of the ring.  But I wanted to enjoy the horse world too.  So I enrolled in some adult classes...literally trained myself out of the fear...and after a wonderful pony and two great schooling horses, we now board our own and have a blast riding dressage, western and trail ride.  Our horses and horse friends have completely changed our lives.  Horse people are fantastic!


I loved searching for amazing different horse saddle pads, halters, lead ropes and even stirrups for my daughter, So much so, that I spent hours scouring the internet.  Friends and boarders would always ask where I found such amazing colorful and different tack.  I realized I was on to something...thus The Haughty Horse was born!


I've designed The Haughty Horse to bring you what we love, completely unusual horse tack, gifts and unique items for the horse or yourself. 


You don't even  need to ride to shop at The Haughty Horse.  Slip on our warm and cozy slippers and you'll immediately feel the true meaning of luxury!  Try the muck boots on rainy days, in the garden or just hanging around.  Have you seen the beautiful bamboo handle purses?  I guarantee you'll be stopped each time you are at the grocery store or running errands.  (That's why we slip The Haughty Horse cards in the pocket.) Trust me, it happens that often… put one of our beautiful fleece throws on a cozy reading chair and the horse you dream about will be right with you.


Enjoy looking at our wonderful items.  It feels great to be different.  Our products will catch an envious eye in the show ring and at home…and remember -  put bling in the ring!


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